Adopted Babies

Tiny feet leave the biggest footprints in our hearts

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About Reborn Dolls


Reborn – For real?  How could you not love that face…?


Have you ever been in a room with a new born baby? I’m sure you have. Can you remember the response? It usually goes something like this… Ooohhh, awww, She’s so cute, Oh how adorable, How old is she… She has your eyes… What a little blessing…. 

So what is it about these little beings that force a smile on our faces? Why do we almost instinctively treat them as special, protecting them and cooing over them?

Nobel-Prize-winning zoologist Konrad Lorenz proposed that it is the specific structure of the infant face, including a relatively large head and forehead, large and low lying eyes and bulging cheek region, that serves to elicit these responses. (It doesn’t sound very appealing when he puts it that way; in fact it sounds rather alien, but come-on, look at that face :-).

And that’s just the response you’d get when walking into a room with one of these reborns - baby dolls. It’s a doll (yes a doll) that’s so life-like that it’s often mistaken for the real deal, so real that it evokes the same response you would generate towards a human baby.

I’ve shown a colleague and many others these babies, obviously not telling, it’s a doll. And guess what, the responses are all the same. 

At first awe and wonder, amazed at these little representations of us, yet so innocent and fragile. Then upon hearing that it’s not real (even touching to confirm) the shock and disbelief.  Some even a bit annoyed that they’ve been duped. But mostly … fascination!

And there’s probably more stories just like the one above that the holders of these babies are able to share. "Policeman knocks out car window to save a doll" “They thought it was real”, “So real, it’s weird”, “no-way that’s real” “You lie” …

I’ve come to expect that the above is the normal response to these beautiful baby dolls, a feeling of captivation for something so wonderful and unusual.

And with most wonderful subjects, lots of effort is put into the creation stage, and a special something extra is invested to be able to call forth such an emotional response.

But really it takes time creating these dolls, from the sculpting to the painting, to the presentation... But in the end, if you look at that face, this time consuming process of reborning is absolutely worth it.



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