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A reborn doll is a vinyl doll that has been painted with many layers of non toxic paint, a processes that requires baking after each layer to seal the paint. This allows the creation to be a keep sake forever. The hair is made of mohair and rooted with a fine needle one at a time, to give an affect of baby hair still growing.    

Reborn babies come in varies sizes. Click on the size to choose your baby.                                                                                             Newborn baby - Length approxamitly 48cm                                             0-3 months baby - Length approxamitly 52cm  

3-6 months baby - Length approximatly 59cm

Bigger babies - Length from 60cm                                                   Babies have a jointed doe suede bodyslip, this means that it can move and is posable. They have 3/4 arms and legs. A tummy plate can be added to any baby. It gets attached with string around your baby and can be removed at any time. Each baby is painted with Genesis heat set paint, the eyes are either acrylic or glass. The hair is hand rooted with a needle and quality mohair leaving a lovely baby effect. They are all weighted with fine glassbeads and extra soft stuffing to give a cuddly feeling.  The babies in the catalogue are just an example of what your reborn could look like. You are purchasing a doll to be custom made. Please supply your baby details upon checkout.