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About Magical Creations


How we started


My name is Bronwyn Beckett and I am the reborn artist for Magical Creations Life Like Reborn dolls. I am extremely passionate about reborning and have been reborning since 2007. My eldest son was 3 months old when I got my first glimpse of a reborn doll. I was so amazed at the great detail and realism that I could not resist in trying to paint one. Over the years I have done alot of research about babies, and when I see a newborn around. I cannot help myself but too glance and note all their fine detail. I have seen thousands of newborns, and each one is special in their own way, just as these reborns. I have painted alot of reborns and even though I paint the same faces sometimes, each one is created unique and special. This is why I cannot get myself to put a paint brush down :-)                                                               To reborn a baby is one of the greatest experiences I have encounted. Everything starts from a blank mould, and the transformation into a life like baby is just amazing. I have dedicated my career to reborning when I realised that these babies do not only have an undescribable affect to the artist while painting, but mostly because, when the new mom meets her baby. It brings out the sweetest smile, and content emotion.